Teacher Portfolio

The staff member`s portfolio refers to information and documents collected on the academic progress, contribution and achievements of the teaching staff.

The main goals for the creation of staff member’s portfolio are:

  • Encouraging the academics to offer high quality teaching and learning experience to students.
  • Assessing the progress, contribution and achievements of the teaching staff.
  • Identifying the staff members strengths and weaknesses and offering them the appropriate support to improve quality.

The core value of Staff member`s portfolio

The staff member’s portfolio must contain all the essential documents that would support their claim.

  • Staff member`s CV
  • A summary of the staff member`s profile written in his/ her own words
  • The academic background of the staff member and a summary on his/ her field.
  • The principles and philosophy that the staff member is following in his/her journey to quality in teaching in his/her specialty
  • A summary of the teaching courses offered by the staff member
  • The number of the students in class where the staff member is lecturing
  • Table of subjects, titles, dates and the time of the classes.
  • The types of examinations: typical questions and answers and the distribution of marks method
  • Evidence for the efforts made for curriculum development
  • Innovation in teaching methods and facilitating the learning process
  • Employing different teaching methods to deliver lecture objectives: classical teaching, supervising students seminars, promoting critical thinking and academic debates
  • External evaluate report for assessing the staff member`s course
  • Research activity: a report on achieved research projects and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Academic publications: peer reviewed papers, review articles and books.
  • Supervising Master’s and Doctoral thesis and participating in viva vice.
  • Active participation in conferences and academic workshops
  • Any other activities such as membership in academic and administrative committees, meeting minutes and other documents for active participation.
  • Activities beyond the university role, e.g. within professional, charity organizations,  general publications and media profile.
  • Any other document or activity which are considered important by the staff member
  • Rewards and bonuses

The portfolio of the staff member, Head of Department, Head of school and the Dean of faculties are all organized and assessed in the same way.