Quality Assurance Staff

The main role of Quality Assurance Staff is to: Introduce quality management procedures. Review and manage the instructions which are released by the ministry of higher education Develop instructions and measurements of the process of quality assurance and accreditation. Assure the management of the quality assurance is in the best way.
 University-Level Quality Assurance  University-Level Quality Assurance
 University-Level Quality Assurance
Name: Dr. Nabil A. Fakhre
Directorate/ Office of Quality Assurance
College: Education
Department: Chemistry
General specialization: Chemistry
Specific specialization: Chemistry
Academic title: Prof.
Email: Nabil.Fakhre@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 466 1563
Name: Hardawan M. Kakashekh
Member/ Office of Quality Assurance
College: Arts
Department: Media
General Specialization: Managerial Economics
Specific Specialization: Media Economics
Academic Title: Lecturer
Email: hardawan@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)770 644 9565
Name: Name: Dr. Haider A. Haddad
Member/ Office of Quality Assurance
College: Science
Department: Computer science & IT
General specialization: Technical Science
Specific specialization: Computer Science
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: haider.haddad@su.edu.krd
Tel:(+964)750 453 0207
College-Level Quality Assurance College-Level Quality Assurance College-Level Quality Assurance

college of Engineering

Name: Binyad Maruf Khaznadar
Department: Architecture
General specialization:
Specific specialization:
Vernacular Architecture
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
Email: binyad.khaznadar@su.edu.krd

college of Basic education

Name: Dr.Suzan A. Sharif
Department: General Science
General specialization: Microbiology
Specific specialization: Bacteriology
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: suzan.sharif@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)7504437564

college of Agriculture

Name: Dr.Narin Mohammedamin Haji Wally
Department: Food Technology
General specialization: Food Science
Specific specialization: Dairy Science
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: narin.wally@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 462 3277

Administration & Economics

Name: Dr.Serwan Kareem Essa
Department: Accounting
General specialization: Accounting
Specific specialization: Financial Accounting
Academic title: Asst.Prof.
Email: serwan.essa@su.edu.krd

college of Physical Education

Name: Dr. Ozer Sahdi Ismail
Department: Basic Sciences
General specialization: Sport Administration
Specific specialization: Sport Administration
Academic title: Assistant Professor
Email: ozer.ismahil@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 449 5711

college of Language

Name: Dr.Jihad Shukri Rashid
Department: Persian
General specialization: General Linguistics
Specific specialization: General Linguistics
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: jihad.rashid@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 456 8833

college of Arts

Name: Dr.Shwan Khoshnaw
Department: History
General specialization: History
Specific specialization: Modern History
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: shwan.taha@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 449 23 35

Law and Political Science

Name : Dr. Ayad Yasin Husein Kokha
Department : Law
General Specialization : Private Law
Specific Specialization : Public International Law
Academic Title: Lecturer
Email: ayad.husein@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)7504612145

college of Fine Arts

Name: Muhammed Hammid Hassan
Department: Plastic Arts
General specialization: Plastic Arts
Specific specialization: Paintting
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
Tel: (+964)750 1985123

Education Shaqlawa

Name: Nahla Hussain Taha
Department: Arabic Language
General specialization: Arabic Language
Specific specialization: Phonoetics
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
Email: nahla.taha@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)7504185335

Education Makhmur

Name: Rasul Piro Ahmad
Department: Islamic Sciences
General specialization: Islamic Sciences
Specific specialization: Islamic Study
Academic title: Assistant Lecturer
Email: rasul.ahmad@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 430 5722

College of Science

Name: Name: Dr.Rebwar Omar
College: Science
Department: Chemistry
General specialization: Chemistry
Specific specialization: Analytical Chemistry
Academic title: Asst. Prof.
Email: rebwar.hassan@su.edu.krd
Tel:(+964)750 460 0445

Islamic Science

Name: Dr.Ardawan Mustafa Ismaeel
Department: Sharia
General specialization: Revealed Knowledge and Heritage
Specific specialization: Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh
Academic title: Lecturer
Email: ardawan.ismael@su.edu.krd
Tel: (+964)750 472 9246

college of Education

Name: Dr.Nishteman N. Sulaiman
Department: Mathematics
General specialization:
Specific specialization:Mathematics
Academic title: Lecturer
Tel: (+964)750 496 7774